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Welcome to corporate life, where monsters lurk in every cubicle and stress mounts its steed into blinding rage made of too many limbs, eye-lasers and fire-breathers. It’s a monster-eat-monster world out there and there, and everyone’s shooting for better positions along the ladder rungs of the office.

You and a group of other monsters are chosen to form a special team to accomplish one of the Upper Management’s classic “surprise corporate strategies”, which often has a tight deadline of less than a week with little to no resources at your disposal. You might not survive this, you’ll most certainly discover new and amazing levels animosity in your team members, and you’re probably going to have to pay for this out of pocket.

Welcome to Inhumane Working Conditions.

Inhumane Working Conditions is a TTRPG that runs on 2d6 where you play as hapless flunkies in a major monster-driven corporation. You'll experience stress, relief and physical and mental corruption as you desperately attempt to finish the last-minute project in time, wading through collapsing infrastructure, disastrous bureaucracy, and marauding bands of human monster hunters, or face the wrath of Upper Management.

Currently it's not even close to finished yet, but a lot of rules have been written down. I've no idea if any of them will work or if the whole thing even read right. Will update as time permits.


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