Entering Alpha V0.1 Update!

Welcome, Underling to the Entering Alpha v0.1 update: Worker Productivity Reassessment Edition.

As you may be aware, Inhumane Working Conditions was first uploaded and it was ... messy  very disorganized. A natural part of game development, as you all know. As such, our gracious Overlords over in Upper Management have constructed a team to perform a Worker Productivity Reassessment in order to determine the cause of all this disorganization and tidy up the place while they're at it.

As a result, they've stripped out the cost-inefficient mechanics and restructured the whole game for a much more streamlined and objectively funner experience, green-lighting IWCRPG into entering its alpha stage! In the wake of the Worker Productivity Reassessment's rampage through the system, some mechanics still require more polish and potentially further editing.

In the meantime, enjoy the brand new IWCRPG experience, Underlings!

Change log:

  • A brand new system! Instead of a cumbersome and complicated Attributes based system, we've opted for a simpler increase dice pool mechanic. Use the brand new Traits system to expand your measly 1d6 dice pool into a business kicking juggernaut of office efficiency!
  • Gone are the days of Stress, Vice and Corruption! Instead of punishing you for being a monster, we've decided to just let you revel in it! Not only that, we ENCOURAGE you to be a monster all the time! Instead of Stress, we've replaced it with Effort dice and broken dice mechanics. Effort dice allows you to expand your dice pool free of charge, but be careful! If you roll a 1 on your Effort or Monster Parts dice, you lose that dice for a period of time!
  • We've noticed that making Goals in the old system was contrived, so we've went ahead and streamlined it so all you have to do is find Action Items to accomplish Objectives. However you decide to get at those Action Items, we leave it up to you. We're confident you'll stay on this side of the law to complete these Objectives.


IWC Productivity Revluation Edition Released Ver.pdf 592 kB
Nov 19, 2019

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